Imagine a beautiful tranquil 250 year old pool in lush green surroundings with carp averaging around 40lb including fish over 50 lb in a hidden paradise that have lived and continued to grow in their home for years.

Factor in that you could be sat at home in the morning and fishing there in the afternoon and all you need to take is minimal gear. Doesn’t that sound appealing, well it did to us, so we investigated further?

Shaun flew out to Limoges airport, a flight of just over 1 ½ hours from his local East Midlands airport. He was collected from the airport and a short 45 minute journey saw him looking across a beautiful 4 ½ acre lake which looked like the sort of place you would find in deepest rural England. Immediately he fell in love with the lush green surroundings.

The lake is English owned and has been since 2007. Rather than hacking out swims all over the lake they have been carefully positioned so that there are 2 x double swims which allow you to cover all of the lake between them. As well as these two double swims there is also a single swim and even a small stalking swim if you really want to get up close and personal.

Facilities at present include a flushing toilet, wash basins and a hot shower, plus a 3 and a bit sided timber lodge ‘bush kitchen’. Electricity for recharging telephones, cameras and the like is provided by solar panels.

The depths of this delightful lake vary from 3 ft to around 10 ft with a gravel seam running the length of the pool which appears to be kept clean from the water which flows in at the shallow end and leaves by the corner of the dam.

The lake was drained down in 2015 and all carp under 20 lb were removed and by 2019 the minimum size appears to be over 25 lb.

Those flying in need only take a minimum of tackle. You are asked to bring your own sleeping bag, reels, alarms, terminal tackle and a head torch with all other tackle essentials provided at the lake. Quality bait can be purchased on site. There is also an option to order a food package from an outside catering company who deliver breakfast and an evening meal to the lake if required (lunch can also be arranged if required). Shaun took this package and he said that it really was excellent. The tackle supplied was spot on and so was the food.

There are two rowing boats on site and the lifejackets which are supplied, must be worn if the boats are used (bait boats are not allowed).

For those not wishing to fish the nights, there is also the option of a Gite which sleeps 4 people, just 6 mile from the lake, further information available upon request.

Steve, one of the owners of the lake is almost permanently on site and is incredibly helpful. He is a long standing carp angler in his own right and certainly knows how to catch them there.

So, you have the simple option of either hopping on a plane, or doing the usual drive in.
Etang Cache really is a hidden gem, way off the beaten track, surrounded by lush green countryside with no people walking by and not a car to be heard.

  • Up to 4 anglers
  • Exclusive full lake booking only
  • Action / Specimen plus 3x Grass Carp
  • 4½ acre lake
  • Carp to 50 lbs +
  • 45 minute from Limoges Airport / 8 hours drive from Calais
  • Arrive/Depart Saturday
  • 2 Double Swims, 1 Single Swim and 1 Stalking Swim

Cost Breakdown Fly in and collected from the airport

£500.00 Deposit payable within 10 days of booking.
£825.00 Balance due 10 weeks before your holiday.
£331.24 per person total (working on 4 anglers sharing the cost).
£50.00 for a non-angling guest.

Cost Breakdown Driving yourselves there

£500.00 Deposit payable within 10 days of booking.
£635.00 Balance due 10 weeks before your holiday.
£283.75 per person total (working on 4 anglers sharing the cost).
£50.00 for a non-angling guest.

Food Package Available

An excellent food package is available, through the outside caterers ‘Charlie’s Kitchen’.  Please give us at least 12 hours’ notice if you would like to use this service.

Full English breakfast and an Evening Meal delivered to the lake for just 28€ per person per day and all food payments to be made on arrival directly to Charlie.

Please let us know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements or if there is anything that you simply don’t like.

If lunch is required as well, please contact Charlie direct to arrange this.
0033 (0)6 37 25 74 97 or 0033 (0)55 53 52 30 74

Full English comprising of sausage, egg, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans, black pudding, hash brown served with a selection of sauces plus tea or coffee.

Evening Meal (including dessert)
To be served to you lakeside between 6 & 7pm (timings to be agreed).

This will be a choice from any the following;
• Curry and rice (chicken jalfrezi, beef madras, Thai prawn or vegetarian)
• Spaghetti bolognaise
• Cidered Pork casserole
• Beef stew and dumplings
• Corned beef hash
• Lasagne, salad and homemade garlic bread
• Rich Mediterranean chicken casserole and rice
• Meatballs and tagliatelle
• Fish pie and seasonal vegetables
• Sausage (cowboy) stew
• Shepherd’s pie, and seasonal vegetables
• Goulash
• Country pork casserole
• Chilli con carne
• Risottos
• Vegetarian options also available

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Fly in with just a sleeping bag, your reels, alarms, terminal tackle and head torch and you will be collected from close by Limoges airport. Alternatively you can drive there yourself. This beautiful 250 year old 4.5 acre lake, located in stunningly lush surroundings, really is a hidden gem. Cache is hidden away far away from any major roads so really does offer total peace and tranquillity.

The carp which have grown on from small fish now average around the 40 lb mark with fish running to over 50 lb. Available as a full lake booking only, for up to 4 anglers.

  • Kitchen/Dining Area
  • Quality Bait Available for Purchase
  • Shower
  • Solar Panel Electricity
  • Toilet


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