This is an incredibly interesting venue, with a pretty unique design, giving most swims the feeling that you have your own lake in front of you. You certainly aren’t going to be spending the week looking at all the other anglers. We instantly fell in love at first sight with this lake and commented that there was not a swim on there that we would not be happy to spend a week in.

A 4 hour drive on fast open roads through the Champagne region within a short distance from the auto-route lays the venue Maveline. You cannot help but be as excited, as we were when first setting eyes on this stunning 50 acre mature lake, which is both tranquil and beautiful, with neither noise, nor light pollution.

Standing in any of the 16 swims gives the impression of having your own private lake, such is the geography of this feature packed venue – in fact when we first viewed the place we commented that if we were to design our own lake, it would be pretty close to this!

The owner has kept the lake as natural as possible, but most swims feature a sheltered seating/cooking area made from timber which has been sourced from the lake’s surrounds. All swims have vehicle access with toilets dotted around the lake.

Unlike many venues, it is impossible to say which swims stand out since each one offers a wealth of features, both below the surface and around the margins and islands. Depths vary and go down to around 4m. Due to the many and varied features the owner allows the use of bait boats and offers the possibility of renting by prior arrangement rowing boats, or if you prefer you can bring your own boat – in both cases life jackets are mandatory.

The owner acquired the lake in 2005 after retiring from fish farming so therefore has excellent knowledge of water quality and management. The lake already had resident carp and approximately 1,000 additional carp have been introduced, with more added each winter as part of the management program, the majority of these stocked fish are over 10 kg (22 lb) when introduced. Due to the abundant natural food and indeed the angler’s contributions in this rich environment, the largest carp landed so far has exceeded 70 lb with many back-up fish and those in excess of 40 lb are now countless. A look at the pictures will reveal a mixture of commons and mirrors of varying strains to add extra interest.

With so many potential holding areas in each swim, location within the swim, is the key to success – this lake will really appeal to the thinking angler and to those willing to work for their rewards.

  • Up to 16 anglers
  • Individuals or group bookings
  • Boat hire available
  • 50 acre lake
  • Carp to 70 lbs +
  • 4 hours drive from Calais
  • Arrive/Depart Saturday
  • 16 Swims (6 doubles)


Maveline is booked by swim; please refer to the map of swim location and boundaries. You will see some offering plenty of space to double up in. There’s even an island swim (12) for two anglers, (obviously boat hire is essential for the island swim) but since this is accessed from swim 2, please be considerate of other anglers when travelling to and from the swim.

You are responsible for boating all your gear to the island, so we would recommend only those experienced in boat use to take on this swim and even then, care should be taken to avoid over-loading the boat and ensuring the load is balanced.

As stated, each swim has countless features and plenty of water, so should hold carp. We urge you to study the swims and have an idea of preferences prior to contacting us; the drone footage will give you a better idea of each swim.

Cost Breakdown

£125.00 Deposit payable within 10 days of booking.
£150.00 Balance due 10 weeks before your holiday.
£50.00 for a non-angling guest.
£3,550.00 for Full Exclusive lake booking.

Optional extras
Rowing Boat 50 Euro plus a 50 Euro deposit.
Lost/damaged paddle 20 Euro
Lost/damaged rowlock 5 Euro

Boat Disclaimer
You will be required to read and sign a disclaimer before being allowed to use a boat to ensure you understand the consequences. A copy of this is shown below.

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