As an alternative to driving from the U.K., why not fly in, hire a car at the airport, and then take advantage of our Tackle Hire Package?

There are 5 airports within 2.5 hours drive of Quarry Bank – Limoges, Nantes, Poitiers, La Rochelle and Bordeaux. Ryanair, among others, offer some really cheap flights and a car can be hired to be awaiting you at the airport. (A small budget car will be enough as you will be carrying minimal luggage anyway). You will find this should work out considerably cheaper than booking a ferry or the tunnel and then paying the fuel and tolls, not to mention the wear and tear on your vehicle.

Any shopping you require can be collected from a local supermarket on your way to our French fishing lake and you are welcome to take advantage of our fully kitted kitchen with utensils, stove, microwave, fridge, freezer and barbeque. Quarry Bank is so secure, you are safe to leave your gear for a mid-week run to the shops, restaurants, or whatever you fancy.

Quarry Bank Tackle Hire Package

Our tackle hire package includes:
3 x Free Spirit CTX 3.25 lb rods
1 x Fox Flotation weigh sling
1 x Weighing tripod and scales
1 x Rod pod complete with bars and hangers
1 x 42″landing net
1 x Carp cradle 1 x Bivvy
1 x Bed chair
1 x Low chair
1 x Gas stove, kettle, cup, water bottle (extra gas available to purchase)
1 x Carp medical care kit

Tackle Hire Cost:
The cost to hire all of the above is just £50 per week, per person along with a deposit of £50 per week, per person. The deposit is fully refundable upon the equipment being returned undamaged at the end of your

We have specimen roach, rudd and perch in Quarry Bank too. Float rod hire plus terminal tackle is available for a further £10 per week.

Want to book your Fly-Hire fishing holiday? Check out the lake availability…


Quest Baits Boilies, which are a favourite of the Quarry Bank carp, along with various particles and pellets can be purchased on-site but will need ordering prior to your arrival. Please order your bait here.

We ask you to bring your own:
Bite Alarms
Terminal Tackle
Head Torch
Sleeping Bag